Caulerpa Lentillifera

Caulerpa lentillifera (海葡萄), also more commonly known as Sea Grape is a green seaweed which is commonly known in Asia for its soft and succulent texture. Popularly known as “Green Caviar,” the Sea Grape is a seaweed staple and delicacy in Southeast Asian and Pacific island countries such as Japan, Malaysia and Philippines for the past centuries.

Because of its myriad of health benefits and antiageing properties, Okinawans also nicknamed it “Longevity Seaweeds” as they dine on these healthy servings and live longer than most people on Earth. In Japan, where it is known as “umibudo,” the Sea Grape is grown seasonally in tanks in the southern island of Okinawa. Highly regarded for its succulent appearance, refreshing taste and attractive miniature string of pearl-like structures, it gives a pleasing “pop” sound when you eat it.



Business Outlook for Sea Grape

Leveraging on the company’s proprietary technology of plant stem cell cultivation, it is able to provide an environmentally sustainable food solution to every urban city in the world amidst growing concern of food security. In May 2020, the company has signed a collaboration agreement with a tertiary institution in Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic, to research plant stem cell technologies for cultivating and farming Sea Grapes. The company has also partnered with other government and private institutions in the region to harnesses the potential of Sea Grapes in the downstream of the value chain. From food and nutraceutical to cosmetics arenas, Sea Grape exemplifies a sea of possibilities, as it is rich in nutrients and active ingredients. The presence of Fucoidan, an anti-oxidant and anti-cancer compound, makes it a sought after superfood in the world. healthbenefits    

SCU’s Research and Development

SCU currently partners with several universities in Southeast Asia for the research of Sea Grape applications across the value chain. We expect Intellectual Properties co-development with our research partners to gain results in the short to mid-term future from seed breeding to end-product formulation.
Our key research partners in the region include

1. Temasek Polytechnic, School of Applied Science, Singapore;

2. University of Science Malaysia, Malaysia (Universiti Sains Malaysia); and

3. University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia.

Backed by the research expertise from our partners and in-house researchers, SCU has selected 3 pillars of research focus:


1. Seed Breeding & Development

  • Targeted favourable bio-chemical properties
  • Higher productivity yield as priority; and
  • Localised seed for every urban cities.

2. Optimal Cultivation Technique

  • Proprietary cultivation technique with optimal condition setting;
  • AI-powered mechanism to manage critical system such as salinity, water temperate ;
  • Includes Integration Multi-Tropic Aquaculture system development

3. Downstream Product Innovation

  • Formulation of extracts rich in macro and micro-nutrients as well as active ingredients such as Fucoidan
  • Multiple application of extract in powder or liquid formulation in food & nutrition as well as cosmeceutical sectors
  • Ongoing development includes vegan patty, healthy seaweed snack as well as sea grape liquid extract

Downstream Product Development

Sea Grape Powder

Sea Grape Sauce

Sea Grape Noodle