BPH Global LTD (ASX:BP8) is an Asia-Pacific plant-based biotechnology company that is building a food, nutrition, healthcare, cosmetics and personal care business based on plants found in the region, using its proprietary plant genetics and stem cell technology to refine the propagation and cultivation process. BP8’s lead programs involve hemp (which has been cultivated in Asia for millennia), tapping into the medicinal attributes of its cannabidiol (CBD) constituent; and sea grapes (or “green caviar”), a tropical aquatic vegetable native to many parts of the Indo-Pacific coast and a staple delicacy in Japan and regions of south-east Asia; and the processing of these crops to make a wide range of products and additives for the global nutrition, healthcare, cosmetics, beauty, personal care and veterinary markets.

BP8 is the first foreign company allowed access to the huge China hemp market, while in sea grapes and seaweed, BP8 is building a mass-cultivation aquaculture capability in Singapore, with an integrated manufacturing capacity for high-value products. BP8 is also leveraging its environmentally friendly technology to develop medicinal, health, beauty and anti-ageing applications of several other plants that are familiar components of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Also, BP8 has successfully commercialised the processing and production of pharmaceutical grade Resina Draconis product for Asia.

investor communication updates

Recent legislative changes to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) mean there are new options for how Stemcell United Limited shareholders receive communications. Stemcell United Limited will no longer send physical meeting documents unless a shareholder requests a copy to be mailed. 

Providing your email address to receive shareholder communications electronically 

Stemcell United Limited encourages all shareholders to provide an email address so we can communicate with you electronically when shareholder notices become available online, for items such as meeting documents and annual reports. 

By providing your email address, you will: 

  • Support the company by reducing the cost of mailing/postage
  • Receive your investor communications faster and in a more secure way
  • Help the environment through the need for less paper


How do I update my communications preferences?
Shareholders can still elect to receive some or all of their communications in physical or electronic form or elect not to receive certain documents such as annual reports. To review your communications preferences, or sign up to receive your shareholder communications via email, please update your communication preferences at


If you are a shareholder and would like a physical copy of a communication, need further information about the options available to you or have questions about your holding, visit or contact our share registry:

Automic Group
Level 5 126 Phillip Street Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone (within Australia): 1300 288 664
Telephone (outside Australia): +61 2 9698 5414



"It is our vision to be one of the world's largest plant-based protein & nutrients supplier to tackle food insecurity and carbon emission simultaneously."

- Philip Gu, CEO of Stemcell United
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