Ministerial Site Visit to SCU at MAC

7th July 2021 – Stemcell United (“SCU”) is privileged and honoured to host the entourage of high-level officials from Ministry for Sustainability and the Environment on 7 July 2021 at our pilot-cum-research facility at Marine Aquaculture Centre (MAC).

It was a momentous experience for the SCU Singapore Grape Team to have the opportunity to share and showcase to our esteemed government leaders what we have done and achieved for the past year.

The distinguished panel of guests consist Minister of Sustainability and Environment Grace Fu, the Minister of State in the Ministry for Home Affairs and the Ministry for Sustainability and the Environment Desmond Tan as well as Singapore Food Agency (SFA) CEO Mr Lim Kok Thai.

Before the site visit begins, SCU prepared for the ministerial team a 3-minute presentation on the introduction of SCU’s core innovation technologies to tackle food insecurity and climate change presented by SCU’s Technical director, Mr Alan Lee.

After the presentation, Minister Grace Fu and other high-level officials adjourned to visit SCU’s pilot plant facility. We had the chance to showcase our successful pilot production as well as our proprietary Vertically Integrated Smart Seaweed Cultivation and Application System (VISSCAS)

Alan is introducing our proprietary VISSACAS to Minister Grace
SCU Chairman, Mr Philip Gu is introducing our proprietary VISSACAS to SFA CEO, Mr Lim Kok Tai

Furthermore, we shared and elaborated on our very own outdoor seaweed library as well as our vertical IMTA system.

Group photo with Minister of State in the Ministry for Home Affairs and the Ministry for Sustainability and the Environment, Desmond Tan (second from left)

Finally, with much excitement and anticipation, we revealed our germplasm seed bank as well as our downstream products consisting of high-end Green Caviar, low-GI Seaweed Noodle and nutritious Seaweed Fish Feed etc.

Alan is explaining to Minister Grace Fu and Minister Desmond Tan on our germplasm seed bank

Last but not least, our ministers and their team cordially accepted for quick phototaking to wrap up the brief but meaningful visit. Once again, we thank our ministerial team for giving us the opportunity and their precious time to report and showcase our key operations in MAC. We look forward to a more detailed follow-up and sharing to help strengthen Singapore’s food security and sustainability goals collectively.

SCU team with Minister Grace Fu, Ministry for Sustainability and Environment (third from left) and Mr Kok Thai, CEO of Singapore Food Agency (first from right)
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