about us

Who We Are

Stemcell United Limited (ASX:SCU) is an Australia mainboard-listed biotechnology and pharmaceutical company which focuses on the development, reproduction, culture and extraction of plant stem cells for TCM medicinal, health, beauty and anti-aging applications through its environmentally friendly patented technology.

Our Mission

To unlock the limitless potential of plant stem cell with the aim of healing and nourishing the people and our planet.
our current focus

What We Do

SCU, with its experience in plant stem cell technology and know-how in traditional medicinal plants including Dendrobium Officinale K, and Daemonorops Draco B., is now an Asia-focused leading global cannabis (Cannabis Sativa L.) biotech player.

SCU specialises in cannabis stem cell genetics, research and development of cannabis seed breeding as well as its medical and nutracosmeceutical applications of cannabinoid (CBD) and derivatives and other active compounds in cannabis plant.